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Stand-Up Comedy Special “Legally Brown” Premiers Tonight on Showtime with Special Guest Rick Najera

Tony Plana and Rick Najera in Legally Brown Showtime Comedy Special

Actor Tony Plana (Ugly Betty) hosts Latino stand-ups Alex Reymundo, Willie Barcena, Jerry Bednob, Cristela Alonzo, Omar Elba with special guest Rick Najera with this comedy showcase from the California Theatre of the Arts in San Bernardino. Produced by LOL Comedy Inc.

“Najera and Plana together on stage are comedy gold.”

Schedule for Showtime’s Comedy Special, “Legally Brown”

THU 05/26 8:50 PM

FRI 05/27 12:00 AM

SAT 05/28 10:05 PM

TUE 05/31 1:45 AM

FRI 06/03 4:30 AM

WED 06/08 1:00 AM

SUN 06/08  4:20 AM

SUN 06/26 4:20 AM

WED 06/29 3:15 AM

Go directly to Showtime schedule here
LOL Comedy Inc for more info on the comedians and DVD and iTunes  information

Watch the demo now, click on photo


  1. How do we book your tour? Have a venue in Tampa Florida! Please Contact

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